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    14 Nov 2016
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An internship position as a nanoparticle synthesis research associate is available at nanoComposix. Responsibilities include working with the product team to fabricate and characterize nanoparticles, prepare certificates of analysis, and carefully follow standard operating procedures for the large scale production of nanoparticles. For candidates that have just graduated, there is the possibility of the internship converting to a full time position.


• Bachelor's degree in chemistry, biochemistry or nanoengineering with a strong chemistry background or a minor in chemistry.
• Experience with analytical, physical, inorganic, organic chemistry and wet laboratory procedures, techniques and equipment.
• Ability to multi-task, handle frequently changing job functions, and rapidly learn new techniques and approaches.
• Pays significant attention to detail and carefully documents all experimental procedures, observations and methodology.
• Ability to keep organized data and records.
• Excellent oral and written communication skills.
• Strong computer skills including MS word, excel, and powerpoint.
• US citizenship or green card

• Experience fabricating, functionalizing, and processing nanomaterials
• Experience with the bioconjugation of targeting molecules to surfaces or particles
• Experience with optical microscopes, UV-Vis, DLS, Zeta-Potential,TEM, or SEM.

Qualified candidates should submit both a resume and cover letter (combine into a single pdf/doc and upload below). The cover letter should include information on how your previous experience relates to the job requirements. Specific examples are of interest. You will not be considered without a cover letter. Candidate should be prepared to demonstrate their chemistry knowledge during the interview process.

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