Lateral Flow Bioconjugation: Research Associate

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    14 Nov 2016
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A research associate is needed to assist with developing next generation lateral flow tests using ultra-bright plasmonic reporter particles. The applicant should have a strong chemistry background and be familiar with bioconjugation. Responsibilities will include the fabrication and characterization of nanoparticles, functionalization of nanoparticle with antibodies and other targeting agents, assembling and running of lateral flow strips, and optimizing biodiagnostic devices to increase sensitivity and minimize non-specific background.

Qualified candidates should submit both a resume and cover letter (combine into a single pdf/doc and upload below). The cover letter should include information on how your previous experience relates to the job requirements. Specific examples are of interest. You will not be considered without a cover letter. Candidate should be prepared to demonstrate their chemistry knowledge during the interview process.

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